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Cloud migrations can be very tricky for any business because it is hard to navigate through the media and marketing around this very ambiguous term to work out what is right for you. We were working with this type of technology before it was even called ’The Cloud’ and our policy is that your contractual relationship with the cloud vendor is direct with you, ’the client’. This way, you know that our advice around your strategy is not lead by ideals of profit but, instead, what is the right architectural decision for your business model. We will perform a complete assessment of your front-to-back requirements and then give you a list of available cloud options for covering the spectrum of the market.

“There are many different forms of Cloud Technology, our only preference is the one that suits your business best”

What Cloud is right for you?
Do you need something with elastic compute scalability or the compliance assurance of a private cloud? We can help determine what is right for you.

Is your connectivity right?
Often overlooked in cloud architecture plans, sometimes the connectivity available to you will shape your cloud strategy. We can help develop options to cope with all types of Internet connectivity.

Do you need a Hybrid Solution?
You may require the continued use of your ’on–premise’ infrastructure, but need some services or DR in the cloud. We can help bridge the gap and deliver the benefits of both worlds.

Will Cloud be cheaper?
Not always the case if you are not on the right model, but we can help you to build a full cost-to-benefit model for each option to help you make the right decisions.

Cloud Disaster Recovery
There are many different ways to give your business ’cloud-based DR’, everything from ’next-day’ right through to real-time ’active-active’. We can give your business all the options to choose what is right for you.

Cloud Industry Explained
The cloud industry is a commoditised world, but we can lift the lid on the industry for you to be able to understand what is right for you in the long run. Navigating through all the marketing and media surrounding the cloud will allow you to choose what is best for your organisation.