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We provide business consultancy on VOIP strategies for organisations large and small. We do not bind ourselves to one particular vendor so we can offer the full spectrum of VOIP services available to you in the market. Below are some of the key questions we are frequently asked.

Do I still need my expensive ISDN circuits, or can I run everything purely over the internet?
This is probably the most common question that is asked and the answer is usually yes “you can run completely over the internet”. As long as we can ensure your internet line is on some kind of fibre backbone or we can have a disaster recovery strategy to move you to mobile phones then you can usually decommission your ISDN circuits.

Are my internet lines good enough for a hosted VOIP solution?
We can test this for you, there many tools we can use to test your current internet connectivity and confirm that is it good enough for VOIP. Even if you are using ADSL this does not mean you cannot run VOIP traffic over your connection, it just depends how far away from the exchange you are and what backup lines you have available to you.

Can I get access to wholesale minutes in the market?
The answer to this is yes. You do not need to get all of your services from one provider, you can simply buy your infrastructure from one vendor and get your minutes from another. You can even use multiple vendors to buy minutes from. Some vendors may give you a better rate for USA dialling and another may give a better rate on UK Mobiles, so you are free to shop around.

Can I integrate my VOIP system with a desktop application like Skype / 3CX / Lync?
Yes there are many choices and options available for you to do this, all with varying degrees of costs and integration options. We can work with you to understand the best implementation for your business to combine desktop applications with physical handsets and mobile phone applications.

Can I integrate my VOIP system with a business applications i.e. CRM?
Yes there are lots of different options here, this is usually a dependency on the business application vendor as opposed to the VOIP technology you use. However there are “screen scrape and dial” options available to you if your application vendor is not VOIP enabled.