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Our account management strategy

guarantees a constant cycle of

continuous service feedback and improvement

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Account Management

At 3Gi we know the importance of keeping in constant contact with our client base. It’s critical that we have every feedback loop possible to ensure that we are measured and are delivering to the highest expectation. We have one of the highest client retention rates in the industry, and our account management process completes the winning formula to ensure our clients have the best technology strategy for the lowest possible cost.

Client turnover 5%

(Almost non-existent)

How do we do it?

Dedicated Director

Each one of our clients has a director level account manager to ensure you are completely satisfied with 3Gi. You will have your senior 3Gi director’s personal contact information, and they are at your complete disposal to make sure everything we are doing exceeds your expectation.

Dedicated Architect

Each of our clients have a dedicated architect assigned to their account. Your architect is responsible and accountable for the integration, and complete front to back stability, of every piece of technology your business needs to run.

Dedicated Project Manager

Your dedicated Project Manager is responsible for your initial seamless onboarding. Once you’re onboarded your Project Manager stays with you, ensuring that everything you need is current, updated and relevant. This includes anything bespoke / specific to your business, and also covers the default items like; monthly governance meetings, IT strategy roadmap, vendor management, etc.