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List of Our Services

Complete Managed Services

Our managed services offering can include as little or as much as you need it to. We do not ask you to bend your business model around what we can support (or like to support), instead we give you a Blue Chip-style Architectural and Service Delivery assessment and map-out a list of technology choices and options you have as a business, using just about every piece of technology on the market today. Some of our feature services are listed below but, as you can imagine, the possibilities of what we can build into a managed services offering are endless (we have not had a request yet that we have had to say “No” to).

“We can work alongside, or as your complete IT Department, all the way to CIO level”

Architecture Engineering
Top-down business and IT Level 3 architecture to map out everything from geographical technology distribution, right through to your mobile end-user computing strategy.
User & Network Break Fix
The complete white-gloves service, infrastructure break fix through to desktop end-user support. We have an award-winning service that is measured at every stage.
24/7 Tech Operations
We have the archetypal military-grade network operations centre to manage everything from site outages to backup failures. Some of the businesses we support are 24/7 global operations and require a real-time service.
Disaster Recovery
Design, deploy and testing through to reporting and governance. Our management team have written business continuity strategies for JP Morgan and Barclays so we know a thing or two about ‘DR’.
Cloud & Virtual Infrastructure
Cutting through the marketing and focusing on what is right for your business, we will offer and consult on just about every cloud medium on the planet (and beyond, if it exists).
Director Support
General senior management support services for everything from license audits and critical cover, up to enterprise-level consultancy. We can add value in just about any capacity.
IT Governance
Either just for the management of your company’s risk profile, or right through to board-level stakeholder management. We can assist with perhaps the most important technology item – ’governance’.