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Are you happy that you know what

your business can recovery

during an act of God?

List of Our Services

Disaster Recovery

Technology is changing and your ability to protect your business when it really matters is also changing. With the right technology strategy, using new, evolving cloud and virtual platforms, you can build a business continuity plan that can ensure you keep your head above water when disaster strikes – without having to pay double for everything. This requires sound process, planning and, above all, superior architectural engineering capabilities to build creative ways to facilitate DR that is affordably practical.

“5-10 years ago, having a good DR strategy meant doubling the cost of your IT Budget. Now you can get the same benefit for just a 10% increase”

Current capability analysis
We will spend time mapping-out your current capability, so that you as a business can understand exactly what your recovery time is going to be for a certain scenario.

DR Testing Process
We have built test strategies for JP Morgan and Barclays. We can help you build a solid test process to ensure continuity and confidence that your business can weather any storm.

Free-of-charge DR
In many cases, we help clients to build DR into their existing IT spend without having to seek additional investment. This just takes sound planning and enterprise-level engineering experience.

Cloud Use for DR
We can work with you to ensure that you are using elastic cloud mediums to give your business the recovery you need, without having to double your cost base.

Next-Day DR
We can look at inexpensive options for your business to have next-day DR recovery available to you at a fraction of the price that a real-time implementation would cost.

’Active / Active’ DR
The ‘Holy Grail’ of all recovery capabilities, we can engineer systems for you that effectively load-balance your infrastructure whilst providing instant DR failover to cover any scenario.