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Service, Service, Service

are the 3 rules of

our Elite Helpdesk team

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Elite Helpdesk

These days technology is the lifeblood of every business. At 3Gi we know this, and we have dedicated a large portion of our existence to ensuring we have the best service record in the industry. Our helpdesk ethos is simple; the faster we are able to resolve issues the happier our clients are. It makes no sense for us to drag issues out longer than they need to be. Our 3Gi Academy™ always ensures we have more staff on duty than we need to cover the ‘Break, Fix’. The remaining capacity? Service, Service, Service.

Helpdesk Stats

Average call answered – 7 seconds
Issue first fix resolution – 82%
Overnight issues resolved before 9am – 87%
Satisfaction rate per issue – 90%
Yearly Staff Turnover – 4%
Yearly client turnover – 5%

Infrastructure Outages Response times

Average onsite time – 49 minutes
Average remote trouble shoot – 4 minutes

How do we do this?

No delays –

Issues handed over in real-time to 2nd or 3rd Line team.

Client specific engineers –

Ensuring we keep familiarity we route calls to people you are familiar with.

Internal promotion pool –

In busy period’s 2nd and 3rd line engineers are brought back into the helpdesk pool.

Bespoke approach –

We have the flexibility to build you your own helpdesk tools and counters.

Daily sweep process –

Each day our management team sweep every open item we have.

3rd Party Experts –

Each of our staff are trained to manage 3rd parties on your behalf to remove delays.

Addicted to stats –

Constant tracking of our stats and feedback ensures we keep promises.