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Good governance

is the foundation to

good IT stability.

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IT Governance & Reporting

Good IT practises start from within and we model the governance structure implemented by top blue chip firms. You can have all the engineering skill and operational capability on the planet but, if the right information is not given to the IT stakeholders, wrong decisions can be made which have a knock-on effect to the whole organisation. Our offering will build a governance pack, to feature as part of a regular monthly or quarterly IT governance meeting, to ensure that all IT stakeholders within your firm are part of the key decisions being made that affect the technology service, execution and design.

“Having a good IT Governance and Stakeholder Management Process creates stable growth, whilst decreasing your total cost of ownership”

IT Risks and Issues
A complete map of your IT risk profile and mitigation steps so you and your stakeholders can manage your operational risk based on the key business-impact areas.

Risk Mitigation Costs
Risk vs cost decisions are a key part of any good IT steering update. We will provide you with all of the cost breakdowns associated with your risk profile to ensure that the right decisions are made by the right people.

Disaster Recovery Capability
Every IT stakeholder should be aware of your organisation’s capability to recover from ’Acts of God’. We provide you with this critical management information as part of our Governance Pack.

Daily Backup Criteria
Regular review of backup and replication criteria ensures that changes in architecture and business strategy are reflected in the backup schedules.

Service Up-time and Capacity
Having an understanding of your up-time metrics and where you are in your overall capacity allows the stakeholder group to gauge the success of past decisions made. We provide this analysis in each and every governance update.

Incident Management
Incident management is a key part to the governance process and is required to ensure both service and resiliency is hitting the correct KPI. We will discuss any forensic reports from any past incidents as part of the governance process.