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List of Our Services

Office 365 Specialist

The general commercial model for Office 365 email is almost a ’no–brainer’ for businesses due to the flexibility and cost-to-benefit ratio. However, the implementation of Office 365 can be costly and put the business through unnecessary strain throughout the migration if not done correctly. We will spend time with your organisation and assess each aspect, from licensing and messaging, through to VOIP and document management (not just email). We will then present you with a list of migration options to best suit your business needs.

“If executed correctly, this product really can breed flexibility and mobility into your business, whilst saving you money. Not many Tech products can boast that”

365 Migrations
These types of migrations can be very easy or very complex. From SharePoint to 365 email, we can show you the right steps to make this completely seamless for your business.

Suite Demonstrations
We will provide you with a full suite demonstration based on your business’s 365 requirements. For everything from document management to video-conferencing, our tech team can demonstrate exactly how the 365 features can add value for your business.

Cost-to-benefit analysis
A good place to start is for us to give you the low-down on how the cost-to-benefit works with 365. We can demonstrate how this can add a set of rich features and tools to your technology stack whilst decreasing your overall total cost of ownership.

Hybrid Solutions
There are still many hybrid solutions available for 365, so you can migrate gradually based on your requirements. We can show you how to get the best of both worlds.

VOIP Integration
With the 365 Lync tool being more popular than Skype, it can be integrated into many VOIP solutions. We can show you how to do this inexpensively.

Free for NFPs
365 is free for ‘third sector’ not-for-profit entities, the cost-to-benefit of taking Microsoft up on this offer could save a vast amount on your IT spend.