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To understand if your Architecture is right, we need to

understand your business. Together we can build

an architecture plan for the present and the future.

List of Our Services

Technology Architecture

Unfortunately, it is so true that most businesses are not on the optimum platform to support their organisational strategy. The reasons for this are plentiful, but usually due to poor advice or a conflict of interest from the people giving the advice in the first place. We will spend time to analyse your front-to-back business flows and produce a set of architectural options for your organisation that are built around the factors that mean the most to you. Everyone wants to keep costs down and people will always want resiliency, but if we are able to get the correct level of engagement for you, we can look to build a platform strategy that will reduce your total cost of ownership whilst engineering scalability and resiliency. We are able to do this because our engineering pedigree allows us to deliver you the latest advances in technology cost-effectively, whilst our ethical business model means we can’t profit from the overall solution you choose to go with.

“65% of businesses are on the wrong architecture platform due to wrong advice and lack of skillset. The right team can truly bring down your total costs and advance your strategy at the same time”

Global Network Design
With bandwidth, security, and latency being major factors in network design, we engineer for you the optimum network based on performance and cost.

Virtualisation Specialist
We specialise in just about every virtualisation technology there is, ensuring your business sits on a platform that is both robust and cost-effective.

Backup & Storage Specialist
We specialise in storage area architecture, ensuring you have a Tier 1 data strategy without Tier 1 costs.

Application Architects
We consult software architecture for global investment banks. We can help you build an integrated business platform to drive your growth and strategy.

Security & Testing
We are experts in the field of penetration testing to military grade. We can help you build and test your security policy to comply with any industry regulation.