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Why 3Gi?

  • No cost for initial 8 hour IT assessment
  • Evening & weekend management support
  • 'White Gloves' helpdesk service
  • Unlimited onsite & remote IT support
  • Open book pricing (Cost Autonomy)
  • Consultancy / Governance built into price
  • No lengthy contract (1 Month Rolling)
  • Your own director level architect
  • 24x7 Real Time Monitoring
  • Project Management built into price

Below is just some of the ways that we have achieved great client feedback and can boast that 100% of our clients would recommend us to other firms. At 3Gi we live and breathe business technology and our advanced pedigree comes from twenty years building enterprise technology for global blue chip organisations.

No cost for initial 8 hour IT assessment
As part of our initial consultation we provide a director level consultant that will come to your offices and help you perform a front to back assessment of your business work flow and technology requirements. We do not commercially “pigeon hole” ourselves to 1 type or technology or vendor, so we really can offer you the complete spectrum of business technology.

Evening & weekend management support
Our management team rota evening and weekend cover so you always have someone senior managing and interacting with any business issues you get out of hours. We cover global offices for many clients using UK staff with help from 3Gi teams around the globe.

“White Gloves” helpdesk service
Our helpdesk service is truly “White Gloves”. Our helpdesk technology ensures you speak to the same people about your open cases with us, each day we perform a clean sweep of the helpdesk to ensure that any items which require a follow up before the end of the day are done so in a timely fashion.

Unlimited onsite & remote IT support
Our remote support to users is unlimited, and our onsite support for 3rd line infrastructure is also unlimited. If we need to work all through the night to resolve an issue, or if we have to visit site each day to fix an infrastructure issue then this is at no extra charge to your business.

Open book pricing (cost autonomy)
We believe in a complete open book pricing model, we want you to know the advice we give is in the best interest of your business and not what makes us profit. You will see our margins for anything we buy on your behalf. We also ensure that all of your key strategic services are brought direct (like your internet or cloud technology). This way you can ensure that we are valued on our service and not because we are difficult to replace.

Consultancy / governance built into price
The general stakeholder management and consultancy is built into the price. We consult for global investment banks and the NHS so we know a thing about corporate governance and business process enhancement. The right governance process can ensure that all of the leading technology decisions are made by the right people.

No lengthy contract (1 month rolling)
Our standard contract term is 1 month rolling. You can lock us in for however long you like but all you will need to issue us with is “1 months’ notice”. For us this ensures that you are with 3Gi for our outstanding service and engineering expertise and not just because we know how to write contracts that lock people in for 1-3 years.

Your own director level architect
Built into your service fee is a Director level Architect that will work with you on your current and long terms technology objectives to ensure that you have the right IT strategy. This will cover the complete spectrum, everything from network security through to disaster recovery and total cost of ownership.

24×7 real time monitoring
Over the last 10 years we have built our own brand of SNMP monitoring which is used by organisations like the Military through to global blue chip organisations. The technology of which is delivered to you within the price of our default service. Bespoke monitor points are built into your network ensuring that we have a tailored view of what is important to you.

Project management built into price
Project management is factored into your default service fee and covers everything from onboarding to key vendor management. This is not just for the period where we are initially taking on your business, your project manager remains with you the whole way through your entire relationship with 3Gi. Whether this is building your governance pack or updating your hardware maintenance plan you will have the same project manager that you are comfortable and familiar with.